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Every friday a new word, a new challenge: It keeps me illustrating.

27 mei 2015

IF melt

Their world is melting

21 mei 2015


A boy and his pet

27 april 2015

IF window

Her beautiful, funny teeth gave her stories a special melody that mesmorised the foxes

15 april 2015

IF soft

I walked on the beach of a far away land
my feet felt something soft in the sand
it was a piece of wood washed smooth by the sea
I bent down to pick it up
but! there were two pieces of wood!
I imagined them swimming as fish friends
happily together with shy smiles


2 april 2015

IF outside

When in doubt
just get out
Don't have fright
of a bite
it's on your side


18 februari 2015


When the night is heavy,
when clouds bump into darkness,
the moon is your beaken,
your friend.
Ssst, the moonflower unfolds her petals, 
the magic flower of reflection.
Sssst, be very quiet now,
she only blossoms when you sleep.


4 februari 2015


Jessica Jackal
had a jagged jacket.
She won the jackpot
in januari,
but yesterday 
she sat with her jackfish 
in the jacuzzi
in the same jagged jacket!